cover image Firewalk


Chris Roberson. Night Shade, $24.99 (356p) ISBN 978-1-59780-879-8

Comics writer Roberson (iZombie) brings his horror sensibilities to a novel that's part True Detective and part Lovecraft. Special Agent Isabel Lefevre once investigated a serial killer for the FBI, a case that ended with the killer being shot and killed by police detective Patrick Tevake in the fictional California town of Recondito. Five years later, Patrick has called Izzie back to Recondito after finding evidence that the case might not be over at all. The investigation involves a new drug, Ink, that turns users into zombies. Roberson effectively keeps the horror in the background in the beginning, letting the supernatural dread slowly rise as the pair follows clues. The plot is engaging, and Roberson really shines in building the relationships and dialogue. Izzie and Patrick have an easy friendship, and Izzie's burgeoning romantic relationship with local FBI agent Daphne is equal parts awkward and sweet. Izzie and Patrick's respective family backgrounds in Latina Santer%C3%ADa and Polynesian shamanism are employed to great effect, enhancing both plot and characterization. The end will have horror fans ready for the sequel, which promises to bring the terror front and center. (Oct.)