cover image Hissy Fitz

Hissy Fitz

Patrick Jennings, illus. by Michael Allen Austin. Egmont USA, $14.99 (128p) ISB

Young fans of YouTube’s Grumpy Cat will be smitten with Hissy, the crabby feline hero of Jenning’s (the Guinea Dog series) latest animal tale. Hissy grudgingly admits to loving Georgie Fitz, his eight-year-old primary owner, but he is not a fan of her three-year-old brother, Zeb (“the untamed one”), who likes to chase Hissy. Abe, Zeb’s twin, is kindhearted, as are the children’s parents, but the household’s near-constant noisiness is taking its toll on Hissy’s ability to sleep and nap as much as he’d like. Driven outdoors, Hissy spends time terrorizing the neighborhood (an especially amusing moment sees him stealing a girl’s shoe) and has a nocturnal adventure with local cats, before coming home to the Fitzes and Georgie. Hissy’s drily delivered complaints and observations (“Humans are the noisiest creatures alive. I’m not sure there is any escape”) entertain, while Hissy’s frustration at his dependence on large humans who annoy him will likely resonate with many a reader. Final art not seen by PW. Ages 7–9. Author’s agent: Rosemary Stimola, Stimola Literary Studio. (Jan)