cover image Incorruptible Volume 1

Incorruptible Volume 1

Mark Waid and Jean Diaz, Boom!, $16.99 paper (128p) ISBN 978-1-608860-15-9

When the world's most powerful superhero goes mad, kills innocents, and wreaks destruction upon the world, it's an action-packed wake-up call for the world's most powerful supervillain. Max Damage, a man unable to be physically injured, spent most of his life of crime not caring who he hurt to get what he wanted. But when the Superman-analogue hero known as the Plutonian turns evil, Max realizes that he may be one of the few people left able to protect others from the chaos. Max teams up with Jailbait, his under-aged sidekick ex-girlfriend, and Sky City Police Lieutenant Armadale to fight the remaining supervillains exploiting the suffering left in the wake of the Plutonian's carnage. Waid keeps Max's attitude as impenetrable as his skin in this first volume, hinting at but not spelling out the events that led to Max's change of heart. Max's struggles at heroism after being a villain for so long provide some clever moments and a few laughs, but overall this is a story of redemption set against a grim, apocalyptic backdrop. Diaz's artwork evokes the feeling of a cinematic action flick and furthers the impression of Max as an unfeeling tough guy still adjusting to his new role. (June)