cover image The Incredibles: Family Matters

The Incredibles: Family Matters

Mark Waid. Boom!, $9.99 (112pp) ISBN 978-1-934506-83-7

Kingdom Come writer Waid lends his considerable talents to Disney/Pixar’s superpowered family and comes up with a brisk and fun story for all ages, ably aided by Takara’s appealing animation-influenced artwork. Publicly in action following the events of their hit film, the Parr family—aka the Incredibles—tackle the assorted diabolical villains and disasters that are part of the superheroic job description. But there’s a big problem: Bob, better known to the world at large as Mr. Incredible, is losing his powers and no one can figure out why, not even physician to the metahuman community, Doc Sunbright, cousin to Edna Mode, the memorable superhero costume designer par excellence seen in the film. Bob is unwillingly sidelined and left to care for infant Jack-Jack while the rest of his family carries on the heroing without him. Along the way, the Parrs meet their new neighbors; Violet discovers first love; and an unexpected enemy from Elasti-Girl’s past returns to wreak havoc. With Waid’s script perfectly nailing the characters, this collected edition is loads of fun and leaves readers eager for future installments. (Oct.)