cover image SIGIL VOL. 3: The Lizard God

SIGIL VOL. 3: The Lizard God

Mark Waid, Barbara Kesel, , illus. by Scot Eaton, Andrew Hennessy and Wil Quintana. . CrossGen, $15.95 (160pp) ISBN 978-1-931484-28-2

Unlike most CrossGen comics, which revitalize or at least tweak pop culture clichés, this one—which features a sort of Sergeant Rock in outer space—approaches the computer game/military sci-fi model in a fairly straightforward manner. As usual, CrossGen's production values are first-rate. The art features dramatic, gleaming, Frazetta-style masses of metal and muscle. It looks great, although readers might wonder how space soldiers find the time to maintain their perfect physiques, and if black leather bikinis are really the most practical attire for barbarian warrior wenches. This volume collects the monthly issues of an ongoing series. Veteran super-soldier Sam Rey and his sexy warrior gal pal Roiya are part of a centuries-long war between humans and the lizard-like Saurians. Sam's talents (he was branded with a Sigil [see review of Scion Vol. 3, above]) have put him in command of the human fleet. He is so smart and brave that he might defeat the Saurians and end the war, which upsets the beings who distribute the powerful Sigils throughout the CrossGen multiuniverse, and who don't want Sam to overcome the Saurian Sigil-bearer so quickly. Accordingly, Sam is sent to another world and spends several episodes fighting alongside heroic barbarians against invaders modeled on Roman legionnaires. And so on. Finding fault with all this would be as pointless as objecting that a Big Mac doesn't taste like home cooking. When Sigil readers pull up to the drive-through window, they know what to expect, and they won't be disappointed. (Sept.)