cover image Under the Hill: Dogfighters

Under the Hill: Dogfighters

Alex Beecroft. Samhain (, $5.50 e-book (212p) ISBN 978-1-60928-725-2

This brisk and engrossing sequel to Bomber’s Moon is definitely not the place to start with Beecroft’s other-dimensional gay romance saga, which includes “definitive proof of time travel, flying saucers, [and] hostile extraterrestrial life” that are actually elves. The barrage of weird begins to settle into a story line around halfway through, as RAF veteran Chris (blown into 1990s England by an elf-engineered event) heads off to rescue his old flying buddy Geoff and his new lover, Ben, from elves who are planning to invade Earth. Beecroft is fond of description, and the story would benefit from more word count devoted to character development and relationships rather than yet another lapidary articulation of the scenery. Despite that, it’s a treat for readers who like their romance with a healthy dose of adventure. Indeed, for a book billed as romance, there’s precious little; it’s mostly swashbuckle with just a bit of swish. (May)