cover image Trowchester Blues

Trowchester Blues

Alex Beecroft. Riptide (, $6.99 e-book (290p) ISBN 978-1-62649-198-4

In this contemporary series launch set in the fictional town of Trowchester, England, Beecroft (Captain’s Surrender) introduces two endearing middle-aged protagonists. Fragile Michael May leaves the London police after witnessing one too many homicides. He returns to Trowchester determined to rid his childhood home of his deceased father’s sadistic energy. Eccentric bookshop owner Fintan Hulme, who has managed to stay honest for a few years, stumbles back into purchasing and selling stolen antiquities. Given the nature of their professions, both men know a romantic relationship is ill-advised, but they struggle against a potent physical and emotional attraction. A multi-ethnic, diversely gendered cast of characters inhabits this homey universe. Some are sweet, like runaway Sarah, and others drawn with comic exaggeration, like criminal twins Benny and Lisa, “thin and swift and nervous as the speed-freaks they were.” Finn’s belief that “if the heart is going to err… It’s surely always best to err on the side of love” underlies an entertaining, emotionally satisfying mix of intrigue, mourning, adventure, comedy, and romance. Agent: Louise Fury, Bent Agency. (Feb.)