cover image Too Many Fairy Princes

Too Many Fairy Princes

Alex Beecroft. Samhain, $4.50 e-book (174p) ISBN 978-1-61921-742-3

An overbearing fairy prince tumbles to Earth and into a shy artist’s life in this effervescently charming fantasy romance from Beecroft (Bomber’s Moon). A misfit in his world, Prince Kjartan escapes his murderous brother and ends up in London, where Joel Wilson, an artist struggling to keep his gallery open after a series of mishaps, has blundered into a particularly miserable string of bad luck. In spite of the differences between their worlds, each might just have the solution to the other’s problems. Joel is almost too sweet to believe, and Kjartan’s haughtiness makes him difficult to root for at first, but as their affection for one another blossoms, they balance one another out perfectly. Beecroft’s strengths lie more in the contemporary setting than in the fantasy—her fairy world feels a bit like a rehash of others—but the action in both worlds is entertaining nonetheless, and this light treat is sure to warm readers’ hearts. (Nov.)