cover image Courtin' Murder in West Wheeling

Courtin' Murder in West Wheeling

Michael Allen Dymmoch. Diversion, $14.99 trade paper (312p) ISBN 978-1-68230-062-6

Dymmoch's delightful sequel to 2006's Murder in West Wheeling finds Homer Deters, the likable sheriff of Boone County, with plenty on his plate in the rural Illinois town of West Wheeling. In addition to two murders, he has a liquor shipment hijacking operation to investigate. Then there's the truckload of wild mustangs he has on his hands, plus the pet jackass he came by accidentally, not to mention the petty complaints and requests of the citizens he serves. Finally, he must deal with his spirited fianc%C3%A9e, who refuses to wear his ring until her other suitor finds a girlfriend. Some of the minor characters tend to drift in and then fade away, but the determined Homer's ability to solve some very serious crimes without a crack in his good-natured down-home attitude keeps the pages turning to an expected but satisfying ending. Readers will be left wishing they could spend a little more time enjoying the more pleasant aspects of life in West Wheeling. (May)