cover image The Mushroom Center Disaster

The Mushroom Center Disaster

N. M. Bodecker. MacAdam/Cage Publishing, $14.95 (42pp) ISBN 978-1-931561-98-3

Several favorite authors and artists showcase their work in reissued editions. Fans of N.M. Bodecker's wit will be pleased to see a pair of his books return to print. The Mushroom Center Disaster, originally published in 1978 as a collaboration with his good friend, artist Erik Blegvad, describes what happens when a U.F.R. (Unidentified Flying Rubbish) descends upon the habitat of Mr. Beetle, Miss Ladybug and friends. Ahead of its time, this brief cautionary tale, accompanied by Blegvad's charming cross-hatch drawings, demonstrates to readers the hazards of litter. .