cover image Unhappy Endings

Unhappy Endings

Brian Keene. Delirium, $16.95 (332pp) ISBN 978-1-934546-10-9

Two-time Stoker-winner Keene includes 19 stories, many of which were previously only available in limited edition collections or numbered editions of his novels, in his gleefully gory fourth collection. His trademark zombies appear in five tales linked to 2003’s The Rising , as well as in “The Resurrection and the Life,” which features an undead Lazarus. When Keene stops relying so heavily on carnage, he pens standouts like “An Appointment Kept,” which concludes with a clever twist, and the powerful, dread-inducing “Stone Tears.” Fans will especially appreciate “Tequila’s Sunrise,” a fable about the origin of tequila that sneakily touches on all of Keene’s creations, and chatty afterwords offering insight into his creative process. Those new to Keene or bored of zombies will find less to love, but any horror reader will get some delightful scares. (June)