cover image Siempre Te Querre = No Matter What

Siempre Te Querre = No Matter What

Debi Gliori. Timun Mas, $14.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-84-480-1632-6

Colin is a young fox who isn't sure that he is loved. He throws a tantrum to see if his bad behavior will make his mother turn away from him. The mother fox responds patiently and lovingly. The youngster tests her further by posing a series of ""What if...?"" questions. Would you love me if I were a crocodile, a bear, a worm? Receiving warm reassurances to all his queries, Colin finally asks the big question, ""Will you love me after you die?"" The loving mother fox quietly shows him the stars in the night sky and compares her love for him to their ancient light. The translator has done a nice job of rhyming the Spanish text while capturing the soft cadences of the original. Gliori's illustrations are enchanting especially the humorous chicken motif in the fox house. This is a perfect bedtime read reminiscent of Margaret Wise Brown's Runaway Bunny (published in Spanish as El conejito andurin, HarperCollins, 1995). Recommended for public libraries and bookstores. M.O.B.