cover image You’re Gonna Love Me

You’re Gonna Love Me

Robin Lee Hatcher. Thomas Nelson, $12.99 trade paper (310p) ISBN 978-0-7180-8597-1

Hatcher (Another Chance To Love You) creates a joyous, faith-infused tale of recovery and reconciliation. After suffering a head injury while kayaking, Oregon State University wildlife and fisheries professor Nick Chastain has a hard time keeping up with the difficult work of academia and eventually takes a job with an irrigation company in Thunder Creek, Idaho. Soon after arriving, he comes to the aid of an elderly woman who has fallen off a horse and broken her ankle. As it happens, the woman is his ex-girlfriend Samantha’s grandmother, and before long Samantha arrives in Thunder Creek to care for her. As Nick integrates into the town, his dwindling faith is bolstered by the active church community, and dinners and excursions around Thunder Creek give Nick and Sam the chance to untangle the web of miscommunication that started with Nick’s kayaking accident and ended in heartbreak. Although the repaired relationship evolves slowly, the romantic set-up is convenient to the point of disbelief, and the secondary characters never develop. The bright spot is Hatcher’s believable portrayal of Nick’s faith evolution as he learns to let go of unhealthy ambitions and desires. [em](Dec.) [/em]