cover image Enchantment


Christina Skye. My Romance Audio Romance Classics, $14.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-9661644-1-1

Renaissance Productions is launching a new series of romance titles, My Romance, read by actors from popular daytime TV soap dramas. Sofer and Kurth have both played major roles on General Hospital. Kurth, with his deep resonant voice, really sounds like he means it when he introduces the story, telling listeners about ""a love so intensely powerful it endures centuries, across oceans, even lifetimes."" Sofer, reading the parts of the female protagonist, art historian Kacey Mallory, comes across young and innocent, at times whispery and dewy-eyed, and giving the sensation that she's genuinely getting lost inside the story. Kacey, an American, has traveled to Draycott Abbey, a remote British manor house, in search of a lost Whistler painting. There, she also discovers a handsome British viscount awaiting her. Swells of canned orchestrated music augment the two-tiered telling, providing needed breaks in the hot-and-heavy narrative. Together, it's a professional-quality package, making good its delivery of niche-audience material. (Apr.)