cover image The Inheritance: A Charles Lenox Mystery

The Inheritance: A Charles Lenox Mystery

Charles Finch. Minotaur, $25.99 (304p) ISBN 978-1-250-07042-5

Finch fails to deliver on the promise of the intriguing setup of his 10th Charles Lenox mystery (after 2015’s Home by Nightfall). In 1877, Gerald Leigh writes gentleman sleuth Lenox, his only friend at Harrow 30 years earlier, a vague letter stating that he’s in some kind of trouble. Lenox’s fears are heightened when he’s unable to find Leigh at his former classmate’s London hotel. Lenox eventually tracks the man down, only to learn that he recently survived two attempts on his life. Leigh, now a renowned scientist who has been living in France, returned to England after being contacted by a solicitor, who informed him that he’s the heir to a large fortune. The solicitor refused to identify Leigh’s benefactor. This revives for Leigh and Lenox the puzzle of who the mysterious person was who funded the former’s education at Harrow. A subplot involving one of Lenox’s partners in his enquiry agency dilutes the main action, which builds to an unsatisfying resolution. Agents: Kari Stuart and Jennifer Joel, ICM. (Nov.)