cover image Inamorata


Megan Chance. Amazon/Lake Union, $14.95 trade paper (444p) ISBN 978-1-4778-7303-8

Chance’s eighth novel (after Bone River) is a thrilling depiction of the world of Venetian artists in the late 19th century, as well as an exploration of the myth of the muse. Odilé Leon is a glamorous, wealthy courtesan who provides inspiration to both the famous and obscure, but at a high price. Her paramours meet tragic ends at an alarming rate. Nicholas Dane barely escaped Odilé with his life, and now he wants to destroy her before she can destroy anyone else. When she sets her sights on Joseph Hannigan, who arrives in Venice with his twin sister, Sophie, determined to gain the proper patronage to support his art, Nicholas races against time to save Joseph from Odile’s clutches. Yet Odile’s dark secret—her vampiric nature, which drives her to feed on the souls of artists—is matched by an equally dark secret: the bond between the siblings, whose close relationship seems almost incestuous. Chance gets better with each book, and this look at the dynamic between inspiration, desperation, and creation makes for a breathtaking tale. (July)