cover image Hemingway on Fishing

Hemingway on Fishing

Ernest Hemingway. Lyons Press, $29.95 (308pp) ISBN 978-1-58574-144-1

The Lyons Press releases three books this November about man's primal passion for fishing and hunting. For the first book, Hemingway on Fishing, edited and introduced by Nick Lyons and with a foreword by Hemingway's son Jack, the publisher will undertake a 100,000-copy print run ($29.95 288p ISBN 1-58574-144-2). Hemingway's love for fishing is legendary, and both his fiction and journalism are filled with tales about his favorite sport. From his famous story ""Big Two-Hearted River"" to selections from The Old Man and the Sea, Hemingway's passion comes across, just as he did, as larger than life. A photo of Ernest Hemingway with a huge catch adorns the cover of The Greatest Fishing Stories Ever Told, a collection of 28 essays by contributors such as Hemingway, Zane Grey and Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, edited and introduced by Lamar Underwood (On Dangerous Ground) ($24.95 304p -140-X). Underwood also presents the similar formatted The Greatest Hunting Stories Ever Told, featuring essays by such avid sportsmen as William Faulkner, Theodore Roosevelt and, yes, Ernest Hemingway ($24.95 288p ISBN-141-8).