cover image Half a Moon and One Whole Star

Half a Moon and One Whole Star

Crescent Dragonwagon. MacMillan Publishing Company, $14.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-02-733120-2

""Up above the earth so far/Hang half a moon and one whole star/Hang one whole star and half a moon:/Nighttime will be coming soon.'' Half A Moon and One Whole Star is an exceptional children's book: a work of art, both literary and visual. While Susan sleeps in her bed, the poem explores the world beyond: ``Chickens in their hen house, drowsing/Owls and bats are just now rousing. . . . And walking down the street alone/Comes Johnny with his saxophone.'' Pinkney's vibrant watercolors depict a magical nighttime world, an apt reflection of clear, compelling verse. In an age when poetry is read less and less, this accessible, beautiful poem is particularly welcome. (58)