cover image Kitten in Trouble

Kitten in Trouble

Maria Polushkin Robbins. Bradbury Press, $13.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-02-774740-9

Simple text and bold, spare pictures trace a day in the life of Kitten, for whom, as for many youngsters, mischief is never far away. Ten wiggling toes, a basket of yarn, a pitcher of milk, a soaring butterfly: all are irresistibly enticing, and as Kitten leaps and pounces from one to the next, he leaves mayhem in his wake. This story is best suited to very young children, who will enjoy following and anticipating Kitten's exploits and chiming in with the repeated refrain (""Kitten pounces. Oh-oh. Kitten's in trouble!''); those at the upper end of the suggested age range may find it thin. Lewin uses strong, sketchy lines overlaid with watercolor washes to depict her hero's antics (and his owners' dismay). She is particularly skillful at capturing the unswerving, manic energy of a kitten at play. Ages 2-5. (March)