cover image Here's That Kitten!

Here's That Kitten!

Maria Polushkin Robbins. Bradbury Press, $12.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-02-774741-6

Cleaning day is a dreaded event in the life of this mischievous kitten, for ``trouble found him everywhere.'' Faced with such adversaries as an obstreperous vacuum cleaner and a marauding mop, this hapless creature can find no refuge. Even the outdoors holds peril, as Kitten falls down the chimney and, soot-encrusted, is subjected to the indignity of a bath. Curling up in a picnic basket for a much-needed nap, the animal is unexpectedly carted off to a family outing, where words of endearment--and a reward--await. Washed with swathes of cheery colors, Lewin's suitably slapdash drawings capture all the frantic scramblings of this harried pet. Polushkin advances the antics in brief, rapid-fire text. As Kitten careers from one danger to the next, readers will eagerly await--and applaud--each comic mishap. Ages 1-5. (Mar.)