cover image What If the Shark Wears Tennis Shoes?

What If the Shark Wears Tennis Shoes?

Winifred Morris. Atheneum Books, $12.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-689-31587-9

Stephen is afraid to close his eyes at bedtime, even though his mother assures him that ``Nothing can hurt you here in your bed.'' But the fearful boy asks, ``What if a shark comes? What if he eats me?,'' and proceeds to create a string of hypothetical situations, all humorously depicted in Lewin's cartoon-like pictures. He imagines a menacing shark--with stylish driving gloves--offering him a ride in a stolen Ferrari; consulting a map and compass to locate the boy's house; and--resourcefully wearing tennis shoes so he won't make noise--using a pick and a rope to climb the stairs to Stephen's room. Sure enough, shortly after his mother bids him goodnight, the boy has a visitor: a hungry shark in tennis shoes searching for a boy to eat. The quick-thinking Stephen manages to suggest an alternate entree. Morris's playfully absurd look at nighttime fears may help some children put theirs in perspective. At the very least, youngsters will chuckle over Stephen's nonsensical notions. Ages 4-8. (Sept.)