cover image Super Cluck

Super Cluck

Jane O'Connor, Robert O'Connor. HarperCollins Publishers, $11.95 (64pp) ISBN 978-0-06-024594-8

Long after his spaceship has departed, Chuck Cluck hatches on earth. Mrs. Cluck raises Chuck with her own chicks, but everyone notices he is different--Chuck is bigger, hungrier and stronger. When the alien bungles about the coop, the other chicks make fun of him. Once Chuck pecks a hole so deep five chicks fall into it; another time he sneezes so hard that he blows feathers off the chickens. Chuck feels hopeless until the day that a crafty rat robs the chicken coop, and Chuck is able to rescue 13 chicks because he can fly. A happy Chuck earns the name Super Cluck and learns to appreciate his unique characteristics. Bursting with energy, Lloyd's bright, detailed illustrations lend humor and verve to this I Can Read book. Ages 5-8. (Mar.)