cover image Litt Mouses Big Valent

Litt Mouses Big Valent

Thacher Hurd, Alida M. Thacher, Hurd. HarperCollins, $13.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-06-026192-4

Little Mouse has created a lovely red valentine. It's also a big valentine, and the problem comes in giving it away--Squirrel says, ``Where would I hide it?,'' while Woodchuck already has a valentine: all of Mouse's neighbors remain obdurate in their refusals. While searching for a recipient for his treasure, Mouse is picked up by a hungry hawk--luckily the valentine doubles very nicely as a glider. Descending to safety, Mouse meets a winsome charmer named Gloria, who turns out to be a good friend and provides a solution to the dilemma. The plot of boy mouse meets girl mouse may be simple, but it is offset by delightful characterizations and bright, whimsical illustrations. The book's small size gives it added appeal for its intended audience. Ages 3-6. (Jan.)