cover image Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Andrea Kane, . . Morrow, $21.95 (326pp) ISBN 978-0-06-074132-7

Kane's kisses are as fun as ever—and twice as fraught—in her latest romantic thriller. "Their lips brushed, circled—then fused, currents of sensation barreling through them. Blake muttered something indistinguishable and tore his mouth away, scrutinizing Devon with a burning gaze." Blake's uncle, Frederick Pierson, was murdered on a getaway weekend with Devon's mother, Sally Montgomery, who's now hiding from both the killer and the law. Devon and Blake's fiery lust is complicated by suspicions. Was Sally the intended murder victim... or did she lure Frederick to his death? Do Blake and Devon really care for each other... or just want information? Although romance is still Kane's strong suit, she's ratcheted up the suspense since I'll Be Watching You , and her characters are more engaging. PI Pete "Monty" Montgomery has been divorced from Sally for 15 years, but he's on the case the minute he hears she's in danger. Assorted members of the Pierson family—super-wealthy Dutchess County, New York horsey folk—are the sort of snobby villains who cry out to be brought low by people who actually work for a living. Thanks to Devon, a veterinarian, the novel is also populated by assorted pets who frolic, make messes, steal roast beef and occasionally want to jump on a bed to which kisses have led. (Dec.)