cover image Run for Your Life

Run for Your Life

Andrea Kane. Pocket Books, $6.99 (464pp) ISBN 978-0-671-03656-0

Following a string of historical romances, Kane (The Theft; The Gold Coin) plunges into the popular world of contemporary romantic suspense. Kane's strong suit is her ability to create memorable characters; consequently, the plot is driven not only by events, but also by the wants, fears and histories of heroine Victoria Kensington, a 28-year-old Manhattan attorney, and hero Zachary Hamilton, a brilliant 30-something intelligence expert. Victoria's fear of dependence, rooted in her relationship with her Machiavellian father, caused Victoria and Zach's initial breakup four years earlier and hinders their getting back together after an incident in Central Park involving Victoria's unstable sister, Audrey, apparently running from unknown pursuers in a hospital gown. Audrey's flight and disappearance somehow involves the secretive Hope Institute, and not only forces Victoria to face her relationship with Zach, but also to deal with her father, who may be involved in drug smuggling with the Institute. What sets this book apart from other romantic thrillers is Kane's deft skill in defining the actions of her lead characters: her love scenes, for example, are exceptional, neither euphemistic nor clinical. Though slow to start, her latest marks a decisive transition for Kane from genre fiction into the mainstream. (Nov.)