cover image The Silver Coin

The Silver Coin

Andrea Kane. Sonnet Books, $6.5 (469pp) ISBN 978-0-671-03409-2

Kane's latest Regency is a sequel to her last romantic suspense novel, The Gold Coin. Reserved but passionate noblewoman Breanna Colby hopes she can finally get on with her life now that her unscrupulous father is permanently behind bars. Instead, she receives a taunting missive from a shadowy assassin who makes not only Breanna, but also her best friend and cousin, Anastasia, his target. As the threats mount, the cousins enlist the help of aristocratic private detective Royce Chadwick, who pits his wits against the killer's; in the process of solving several related mysteries he falls in love with Breanna. The assassin's prolonged toying with his victims feels too contrived to generate much tension, but Kane's writing is strong and well paced. Breanna and her intimates are appealingly staunch and spirited. Regency devotees may miss the period charm typical of the genre, however; though the story is set in 1817, its actions, attitudes and speech patterns are distinctly contemporary. (Sept.)