cover image The Gold Coin

The Gold Coin

Andrea Kane. Sonnet Books, $6.99 (480pp) ISBN 978-0-671-01888-7

Identical daughters of twin brothers, Anastasia and Breanna Colby become inseparable in childhood and fiercely supportive of their beloved English grandfather's ideals of loyalty to the family and its business. Even Anastasia's 10 years in America cannot break the two cousins' bond. When Anastasia, 20, returns to England from Philadelphia in 1817 following her parents' death, she is determined to assume an active role in the operation of the family import-export business, Colby and Sons. Her Uncle George, Breanna's father, offers her a home, hoping to gain control of her vast inheritance to cover his mounting debts. But Anastasia's father has named Lord Sheldrake, a wealthy and respected banker, not George, as the young woman's guardian, in charge of her fortune until she turns 21. George watches with horror as his niece uses a portion of her inheritance to establish a bank back in Philadelphia, a venture in which she persuades Sheldrake to become an active partner. Ultimately, the cousins and Sheldrake uncover the mystery of George's financial losses, nefarious business dealings and hatred of Anastasia in a fast-paced finale that nearly costs Anastasia her life while heralding Breanna as a heroine. Kane's engrossing plot and her quick-witted, passionate characters should make readers eagerly await this novel's companion, The Silver Coin (scheduled for September), in which Breanna may pay the price for her bravery. (Aug.)