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Eloise Wilkin Treasry Merrgld

Eloise Burns Wilkin / Author, Golden Books / Author, Eloise Burns Wilki

Since 1927, Wilkin's books have been enormously popular with parents and children, primarily because of her inimitable pictures. She is hard to beat at evoking a response to the young boys and girls, flowers and wild animals, that she captures in color and essence. Here are choices from Wilkin's earlier books: nursery rhymes, prayers, poems and stories. One section features babies from different ethnic backgrounds, alike in their ""specialness.'' They are cuddly and little; they enjoy splashing in a tub, shaking a rattle, ``Peek-a-Boo,'' brothers and sisters to play with. The short stories include a dandy about Georgie. His wish for a grandfather is granted when he finds a good friend who yearns for a grandson. Rounding out the collection are poems by Shelley, Christina Rossetti, Gerard Manley Hopkins, William Blake et al., plus the words and music to ``Kumbaya,'' an African hymn. (All ages)