cover image Show Must Go on Storytime

Show Must Go on Storytime

Emily Arnold McCully, Golden Books. Golden Books, $2.22 (20pp) ISBN 978-0-307-11970-4

Bruno and Sophie met on stage, and their children Edwin, Sarah and Zaza were born to itthey sleep in steamer trunks or on stage props. Being traveling actors was ""a hard life, but it was in their blood.'' When Sophie's Great-uncle Max leaves them a farm, they are allexcept Brunothrilled. They'd been wanting a quieter life. Quiet? It's a little too peaceful, so they open the Farm Theater in their barn. Advance ticket sales are discouraging, until a wealthy benefactress/former actress helps out. After that, it's encore after encore. This surely is the ``Seven Little Foys'' of the picture-book setMcCully shows her family doing vaudeville, Shakespeare and juggling acts. Bruno grumps amiably, Sophie is given to wearing wild scarves, the children cheer up all of themthis ebullient bunch of bears makes McCully's book a grand matinee. Ages 36. (March)