cover image After the Dinosaurs Storybook

After the Dinosaurs Storybook

James C. Shooter / Author, Golden Books / Author, Peter Barrett / Illus

Shooter provides a swift look at the evolutionary cycles from the earliest life in ancient seas, through the rise and fall of dinosaurs, the development of the continents, the rise of mammals and the emergence of man. He sometimes resorts to dramatic language and oversimplification in compressing millions of years into a mere 60 pages. The information presented is brief; it can only be considered as introductory and will require that a child look to other sources for further information. Chapter headings like ``The Ugly American'' (a discussion of early North American mammals) may elude youngsters. And savvy kids will quickly note that a fallen triceratops is labeled stegosaurus. The cover art is inviting and the book well priced. Ages 6-9. (Nov.)