cover image Come with Me to Africa

Come with Me to Africa

Gregory Scott Kreikemeier / Author, Golden Books / Author Gol

For Kreikemeier, a photographer and zoologist, the ``African photo safari'' chronicled in this sumptuous book was the fulfillment of a childhood dream. Traveling in a custom-built vehicle, the 12 members of his expedition visited 13 countries and traversed 16,000 miles. While offering many provocative particulars on various locales' history, topography, residents and wildlife, Kreikemeier's text never loses its youthful enthusiasm, which readers at either end of the intended range will find contagious. Conveying the experience of traveling, the author includes a number of photos documenting such tasks as preparing a meal in Morocco, guarding the participants' belongings from thieves in Bangui and saving the truck from rolling over on a dirt road in Zaire. But the primary attraction here are Kreikemeier's full-color photographs, more than 100 of them, portraying the natural beauty of Africa: imposing mountains, majestic waterfalls, expansive wind-blown deserts and remarkably diverse animal life. And--unlike many photographic books for this audience--this travelogue includes numerous shots of those individuals young readers like to look at best: other kids. Ages 5-10. (Nov.)