cover image The Vegetarian Handbook

The Vegetarian Handbook

Gary Null. St. Martin's Press, $18.95 (266pp) ISBN 978-0-312-01107-9

The author of The Complete Guide to Health and Nutrition here succeeds in presenting what he calls ""a comprehensive statement on the value of vegetarianism.'' Passionately argued, this well-documented, readable volume makes a thorough, albeit somewhat familiar, case for vegetarianism as a way of eating and a way of life. There are discussions against eating animal products, such as eggs, cheese and milk, on the wasteful economics of raising animals for food, on why people become vegetarians, and how poor nutrition causes illness and good nutrition protects against disease. Utilizing grains and legumes, Null suggests nutritious food combinations that are high in complete protein, in a diet devoid of animal products. The 95 unusual recipesincluding the Peter Pan rice casserole, which calls for peanut butter, brown rice, sunflower seeds and shallots, seasoned with a blend of thyme and tarragonare inexpensive, facile and low in fat and cholesterol. (January 18)