cover image Ultimate Training

Ultimate Training

Gary Null, Howard Robins. St. Martin's Griffin, $16.99 (224pp) ISBN 978-0-312-08796-8

The preface says it all: ``What?! Another book on walking and running? Haven't we seen a glut of those in the last five years?'' Yes, a thousand times yes, and this particular gift to the walking/running literature must rank as one of the sorrier contestants in the overcrowded pack. The book purports to ``take a holistic approach'' to walking and running ``that encompasses our physical, mental and spiritual dimensions.'' Instead, most of its 200-plus pages are studded with profundities such as these: ``If you run first thing in the morning, do not eat until after you finish your workout.'' (Presumably for runners tempted to down Egg McMuffins in mid-stride.) Or, ``Remember that the primary purpose of food is to supply energy.'' And, ``If your socks become thin or worn out, they may create blisters or fail to help absorb the shock.'' Moreover, ``All runners need shoes with the proper width and sufficient toe room to prevent rubbing and other irritations.'' Unfortunately for runners who pick up Null's Ultimate , some irritation from the obvious is all but certain. (Apr.)