cover image Dirty Girls on Top

Dirty Girls on Top

Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez, Author . St. Martin’s $24.95 (324p)

Valdes-Rodriguez introduced these caliente chicas in 2003’s successful The Dirty Girls Social Club . Now, five years later, the sucias reunite at a New Mexico resort, and the passionate and provocative getaway signals more changes for the crew. Usnavys—a United Way executive, self-proclaimed plus-sized “manizer” and sex blogger—is married to sedate Juan, who cares for their daughter while Usnavys begins an affair. Lauren is a journalist and bulimic whose fiancé, a former drug dealer-turned music industry professional, has a little something secretly going on the side. Rebecca, a magazine publisher, has dreams of a baby with her husband, but they can’t conceive. Sara, a Latina Martha Stewart, is frightened and exhilarated by the reappearance of her abusive husband. Cuicatl, a wild Latina rock star, must face her feelings for her older manager, and a fickle public. And Elizabeth is slowly realizing her lesbian partner doesn’t want to parent their recently adopted son. Friendships are strengthened and threatened, and facets of each woman’s life crumbles while others blossom. The prose is fast and casual, and the plot moves at a fast clip. (July)