cover image The Handbook to Handling His Lordship

The Handbook to Handling His Lordship

Suzanne Enoch. St. Martin's Paperbacks, $7.99 mass market (320p) ISBN 978-0-312-53454-7

The ladies of the Tantalus Club (Rules to Catch a Devilish Duke) are back in this forgettable Regency. Emily Portsman, one of the club's managers, has a secret: she's in hiding after witnessing a murder, having changed her name, dyed her hair, and not left the club's premises for two years. When Nathaniel Stokes, the Earl of Westfall, shows up at the club asking questions, Emily immediately suspects he is on her trail. Nate, of course, has no idea that Emily is the woman he seeks. Nate and Emily fall into a passionate affair and spar in and out of bed as they try to find out what the other knows. The plot is dragged down by heavy-handed emphasis on Nate's strong sense of fair play and their different class backgrounds (Emily is a commoner). However, fans will enjoy seeing past characters again as they cheer Nate and Emily all the way to their dramatic happy ending. (Apr.)