cover image Curse of the Jade Lily: 
A McKenzie Novel

Curse of the Jade Lily: A McKenzie Novel

David Housewright. Minotaur, $25.99 (304p) ISBN 978-0-312-64231-0

The theft of a fabulous sculpture, the Jade Lily, from the City of Lakes Art Museum propels Housewright’s excellent ninth mystery featuring Twin Cities PI Rushmore McKenzie (after 2011’s Highway 61). The “artnappers” are willing to sell the Lily back to the museum for $1.3 million, a third of its insured value, and specify McKenzie to deliver the ransom. McKenzie soon discovers that the museum isn’t alone in wanting the sculpture. Other claimants who want McKenzie to acquire the Lily for them include gorgeous Heavenly Petryk (last seen in 2009’s Jelly’s Gold); a U.S. State Department official, partnered with a blustery representative of the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina; and a corrupt cop. All have different but effective means of applying pressure. McKenzie, who navigates a treacherous path just to stay (barely) alive, not only delivers a Nick Charles–like ending but metes out poetic justice to a fair number of participants. Agent: Alison Pickard, Alison J. Picard Agency. (June)