cover image Night Shadow

Night Shadow

Cherry Adair, . . Ballantine, $23 (296pp) ISBN 978-0-345-49973-8

Adair’s conclusion to her paranormal romance trilogy that began with Night Fall and Night Secrets smoothly blends sensuality and espionage. As two covert T-FLAC (Terrorist Force Logistical Assault Command) agents—newbie Alexis “Lexi” Stone and seasoned veteran Alexander Stone (no relation)—travel the globe in search of those responsible for a series of bombings, the pair must contend with the attraction that threatens to destroy the professionalism of their relationship. Complicating the mission for Lexi are orders from her superiors to kill Alex if, as they suspect, Alex is a rogue operative. Meanwhile, Alex, who frequently teleports from one location to another, has to deal with deadly doppelgängers who have a tendency to disintegrate into “soot.” The confusing similarity of the protagonists’ names provides some comic relief from the thriller action and hot sex. (Nov. 25)