cover image OUT OF SIGHT


Cherry Adair, . . Ivy, $6.99 (320pp) ISBN 978-0-8041-2002-9

Sex and suspense spice up the newest entry in Adair's Wright brothers series (In Too Deep, etc.), which focuses on T-FLAC legend Kane Wright and gorgeous rookie sharpshooter A.J. Cooper, who Kane reluctantly agrees to take on his latest assignment. The action unfolds in Egypt, where the notorious terrorist Raazaq has set up camp. When A.J. freezes in the midst of the operation, Kane vows to ship her home and finish the job himself. Unfortunately, Kane's superiors have other plans. With A.J. posing as a model and Wright as a photographer, they try to lure Raazaq into the open. But just as their plan looks like it's going to succeed, they discover that Raazaq has obtained deadly chemical agents and is one of the few people who knows where the bioweapons are hidden. Now they must race to find them before Raazaq achieves his goal of world domination. The plot races to its far-fetched finale; even the sex scenes, which occur in unconventional places like an elevator and atop a camel, are swift. Although A.J.'s quick temper and childish defiance may grate on readers' nerves, this larger-than-life adventure is sure to satisfy those who appreciate high stakes and heavy drama. (Sept.)