cover image Black Magic

Black Magic

Cherry Adair, Pocket Star, $7.99 paper (384p) ISBN 9781439153819

Adair launches a “paranormal romantic suspense” series with this heavy-handed tale. Local wizards in San Cristobal are dying hideous deaths. Beautiful Sara Temple hates her pyrotechnic powers and can’t get her magic working to save herself from such a fate. She calls mentally to her despised ex, handsome Jack Slater, whose wizardly powers bring him teleporting to her aid. The Wizard Council informs them they must work together to ward off the evil Omnivatic snake wizards who show up every three centuries and attempt to procreate and become more powerful. Meanwhile, Jack distrusts Sara’s rich, gorgeous boss, Grant. When not over-explaining the obvious, Adair (Hot Ice) keeps the pace brisk and the action vivid. This book should appeal to readers who like bickering protagonists, plenty of sex, and a hero who always comes to the rescue, and who don’t mind a risible magic system or an obvious villain. (July)