cover image Under Her Skin

Under Her Skin

Susan Mallery, . . HQN, $7.99 (336pp) ISBN 978-0-373-77347-3

Despite an absurd premise, bestseller Mallery's Lone Star Sisters series opener draws in readers with intriguing characters and a precisely assembled plot. Cruz Rodriguez makes former lover Lexi Titan an offer she can't refuse: he'll provide the $2 million she needs to keep her business if she will pretend an engagement to him for six months and introduce him around the small circle of Texas society. Their deal requires that she live and sleep with him for the duration, and despite her better judgment she agrees. Powerful, arrogant and sexy, Cruz disdains romance lest he recreate his parents' abusive relationship. Raised by nannies, Lexi knows little of love and doesn't trust high-powered businessmen. As they struggle to overcome their issues with their parents and each other, their emotional journey makes for painful yet satisfying reading. (May)