cover image Thumb Love

Thumb Love

Elise Primavera, Random/Corey, $16.99 (48p) ISBN 978-0-375-84481-2

With peer, family, and orthodontic pressure bearing down her, Lulu might as well face it: she's addicted to Thumb—"her wonderful, beautiful Thumb." But kicking the habit is a lot harder than she anticipates, especially when the anthropomorphized Thumb is so seductive. "I've missed you so much—meet me behind the couch," she tells it during a moment of weakness. But Lulu sticks to her, um, gums, and while she suffers setbacks, she finally triumphs. And boy, is it worth it: "...nobody would EVER call her a baby again, her teeth were right where they were supposed to be, and she would be able to say ‘She sells seashells by the seashore' as well as anyone." Primavera's fans will find a lot to love in this coming-of-age-story meets 12-step manual ("Step 10: Suggest to your parents that they reward you with money, toys, pets, and lavish vacations if you quit"). And while the illustrations—mostly vignettes—feel a world away from the lavishness of her Auntie Claus series, they make their point with wit, empathy, and frisky color. Ages 4–8. (Oct.)