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Christie & Company

Katherine Hall Page. HarperTrophy, $3.99 (160pp) ISBN 978-0-380-78032-7

Rather mild in the suspense department but impressive in its characterizations, Page's mystery centers on three Nancy Drew wannabes who end up-a bit too coincidentally-as roommates at a boarding school outside of Boston. The only new eighth graders, Christie, Maggie and Vicky are treated like lepers by the popular crowd, who insinuate that the trio is responsible for the rash of thefts from dorm rooms. As the amiable heroines flex their sleuthing skills, Page deftly works into the plot details about their family backgrounds, shaping credible, distinct portraits of each girl. Though she goes overboard on some of the particulars-the relentlessly sneering and snickering cool kids are a little too nasty and Maggie feels it necessary to don a deerstalker hat a la Sherlock Holmes-the author keeps her tale moving at a decent clip. Although few readers will be biting their nails, few will guess the ending. Ages 8-12. (Apr.)