cover image You and No Other

You and No Other

Cathy Maxwell. Avon Books, $7.99 (384pp) ISBN 978-0-380-78716-6

When the deed to her house is gambled away by her dissolute brother-in-law, Lady Caroline Pearson appeals to the new owner's sense of justice and requests the return of her home. James Ferrington's senses are definitely affected by her appeal, as this Regency period Cinderella story, complete with four eccentric godmothers, careens from seduction in a carriage to missed communications, slapstick physical altercations and the playful kidnapping of Ferrington. A series of scandals that seem too easily forgiven by rigid Regency society complicates already convoluted proceedings, while Caroline and James spar in lightning mood changes. Maxwell substitutes this whirlwind of activity for real character development and an abrupt end leaves the reader unsatisfied. This energetic romp misses the mark but entertains along the way. (Sept.)