cover image IN THE BEGINNING


Rachel Isadora, . . Putnam, $12.99 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-399-23997-7

Like Creation (reviewed above), this attractive volume takes its inspiration from the opening words of Genesis. Unlike McDermott, however, Isadora (Ben's Trumpet) directs her words to babies and toddlers, linking the miracle of Creation to the miracle of birth. As the text does not name a Creator or otherwise discuss God, it will be up to presiding adults to decide how much of the parallel they wish to draw. "In the beginning there was only heaven and earth," Isadora begins. "Then... light/ sky/ land and sea." For each stage of Creation, she supplies cheerful watercolors of naked, angelic-looking babies and toddlers, first floating in dark space, then bathed in sunshine, perched on a cloud, gathering in ocean waves, etc. Youngest readers will probably enjoy looking at pictures of such happy children, and Isadora's message of love is unmistakable. All ages. (June)