cover image Watch Out! Man-Eating Snake!

Watch Out! Man-Eating Snake!

Patricia Reilly Giff. Yearling Books, $4.5 (80pp) ISBN 978-0-440-40085-1

Stacey Arrow makes her debut in this first book of the New Kids at the Polk Street School series, about Mrs. Zachary's kindergartners and their trials and tribulations, both as individuals and as part of a class. Stacey's first day isn't quite as terrific as she had imagined, but she does manage to zero in on Jiwon as a potential best friend, with Eddie and A.J. as runners-up. She intimidates her would-be friends with her frank comments, shoving behavior and frightening stories of her man-eating snake (a favorite stuffed animal). Emily (from the original Polk Street School series) counsels her sister on the best way to go about making and being a friend, and her advice steers Stacey in the right direction. This story will find favor with kindergartners, at least those who can read novel-length books. But the first and second graders who will find the length no problem may choose not to read about children younger than themselves. Ages 5-8. (September)