cover image Poopsie Pomerantz, Pick Up Your Feet

Poopsie Pomerantz, Pick Up Your Feet

Patricia Reilly Giff. Delacorte Press, $13.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-440-50127-5

When Poopsie's new bathing suit is size Large, she knows she needs ballet lessons to make her as slim and graceful as her real name--Celeste--suggests. But her mother has to return to work to pay for the lessons, leaving Poopsie alone a few hours each evening to look after her baby brother. Poopsie is scared to be alone, and her fears are compounded because there is no lock on the back door. Worst of all, her best friend Tracy makes fun of her size and thinks she's a coward. To get the best of Tracy, Poopsie fibs and says that she is starring in the production of ``The Ugly Duckling,'' even though she is really playing the role of barnyard pig. Then Tracy decides to go to the show. The friendship is stronger than either girl knows, and when Poopsie starts school, she is known at last as Celeste. Middle readers will likely enjoy this warm, funny depiction of Poopsie's difficult summer, but there are two minor problems: that such a young child is left home alone with a baby is treated casually; and since Poopsie is not pictured as being overweight, her concern about obesity may seem troubling. Ages 9-13. (Mar.)