cover image More and More

More and More

Stella Cameron. Warner Books, $19.99 (416pp) ISBN 978-0-446-60613-4

In this suspenseful Regency, Finch More has resigned herself to spinsterhood at 29, devoting all her energies to the small import business--oddities and rarities--that she runs with her brother. She has loved and lost before, but that doesn't stop her from being attracted to their client, Ross, Viscount Kilrood, despite his superior, boorish attitude. Ross in turn is challenged and aroused by the outspoken Finch, yet he struggles to keep their relationship professional because he's involved in a dangerous and clandestine operation that could topple a kingdom. Despite his fears that his attentions might jeopardize Finch's safety, the two become lovers, and Finch indeed becomes a target: she is mugged, her home burglarized and her brother kidnapped. Ross promises to rescue her brother, but Finch refuses to sit idly by and is determined to save him on her own if she has to. Full of mystery, betrayal and complications, Cameron's (French Quarter) tale comes complete with an eccentric cast of characters, including a meddlesome, match-making ghost and enough villains to keep readers thoroughly entertained. (May)