cover image Pure Delights

Pure Delights

Stella Cameron. Zebra Books, $5.99 (431pp) ISBN 978-0-8217-4798-8

The latest contemporary sizzler from the author of His Magic Touch is more a collection of colorful, eccentric characters and page-scorching sensuality than a novel. The vague story revolves around Paris Delight, whose cantankerous grandfather, Pops, has sold his beloved land to his arch enemy, Tobias Quinn. Paris is Tobias's only chance of convincing Pops to call off his dogs so Tobias can develop the land. Embroidered around Paris and Tobias's blossoming romance is a plethora of odd personalities with names like Wormwood, Lips and Piggy. Among the more straightforwardly named but complex characters are Cynthia, Paris's sexually obsessed adopted sister, and Nigel, Tobias's scheming half-brother, who is riding on the pointed end of a hit-man's knife. The plotline is nothing new-a touch of mystery (someone is ripping off Paris's jewelry designs), a smattering of suspense (someone is threatening Paris's life). Shortcomings aside, Cameron's irresistible style and unmistakable flair for humorous characterization sweep the reader along to the finish, and will heat up a frosty winter night. (Jan.)