cover image Werewolf in the North Woods

Werewolf in the North Woods

Vicki Lewis Thompson. Signet Eclipse, $7.99 mass market (336p) ISBN 978-0-451-23

The sequel to A Werewolf in Manhattan takes a step up in quality with a trip to the Oregon wilderness, where loyal granddaughter Abby Winchell, defending her eccentric Grandpa Earl’s Bigfoot sighting, is pitted against myth-busting anthropology professor—and secret werewolf—Roarke Wallace. Employed by the local werewolf family, the Gentrys, to undermine Earl’s credibility and protect their secret, Roarke is torn between duty and his immediate attraction to Abby. When Abby and Roarke are maneuvered into a joint camping excursion in search of the hidden Sasquatch and plagued by hilariously geeky Bigfoot fanatic Donald Smurtz, they must fight both their forbidden interspecies passion and the increasingly aggressive Gentrys, who are determined to drive Earl off his land. With a spirited heroine, colorful supporting characters, and generous helpings of steamy sex, Thompson continues to supply pleasing, if somewhat predictable, paranormal romance. (Oct.)