cover image Herotica 5: A New Collection of Women's Erotic Fiction

Herotica 5: A New Collection of Women's Erotic Fiction

Various. Plume Books, $16 (224pp) ISBN 978-0-452-27812-7

Launched 10 years ago by sexpert Susie Bright, the Herotica series has acquired a sustained following. In this gathering of 23 new erotic stories penned by women, Sheiner, (who also edited Herotica 4) proves yet again that good erotica combines playfulness, quality writing and dramatic momentum. Although none is overtly brutal, these stories are not for puritans. The range of activities includes bondage, threesomes, masturbation, lesbian and heterosexual trysts, exhibitionism, domination and pure fantasy. In Karen A. Selz's ""The Hobby Horse,"" a childhood amusement gets modified for sexual pleasure. And in Jolie Graham's ""Drowsy Maggie,"" a piece of jewelry incites sexual prowess. Whether the subject is matchmaking in Bombay or virtual sex, there are no shrinking violets here, only roses--and some thorns thrown in for kicks. (Feb.)